July 26 | Sales Mastermind

July 26 | Sales Mastermind

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Generate leads, increase conversion rates, and handle objections.

The most requested product for 2022 was small group discussion and training on Business Leadership in the areas of greatest importance to every Staging business company. This IS it!! Get in the room with other business owners, and feel free to bring along your key person, or your spouse, at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Learn, Share, and Grow in the four foundational areas of business like Sales!

  • Learn the "art of agreement"
  • ​Where are the Jobs? How to generate the best leads.
  • ​Going from the "No" to the "Absolutely"
  • ​Knowing and Communicating Your Value - You are THE expert
  • ​What to do when they won't commit
  • ​Customer to Client - Building and Keeping relationships that last

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